Our strategy

Looking to the future, our overarching strategic goal for 2017 – 2020 is to strengthen our position as a leading health and social care provider

Our strategic plan identifies 3 enablers and 6 strategic themes to help us do this. 



We will become a preferred employer within the health and social care sector.


We will ensure high quality governance arrangements in order to achieve our overarching strategic aim.


We will ensure that we remain financially secure and viable.

Strategic themes


We will ensure the people who use our services are equal partners in the design, delivery and evaluation of our services.


We will encourage, develop, and support volunteer involvement in our work and our communities, and for volunteers to be significant stakeholders.

Outcome focussed

We will develop and deliver quality outcome focused services.

Quality assurance

We will achieve quality standards and meet legal and contractual requirements in all of our services. 


We will improve the services that we provide by working in partnership with other providers in the statutory, private and voluntary sectors.


We will broaden the number of services that we provide and grow our annual income.

Download a copy of our strategic plan.