Vision, mission and values

Our vision, mission and values are the standards that we live and work by every day. They are how we see the future of health and social care services, and are our framework for helping us to get there without compromising who we are.

Our vision

For every person with care and support needs to have access to personalised, outcome focused services that are delivered with dignity, respect and compassion and support them to enjoy an everyday life.

Our mission

To provide high quality health and social care services that are innovative, responsive and flexible to each individual’s needs and choices.

Our values

We have six core values that we champion across the organisation. We ask every employee and volunteer at Making Space to embrace these values, so that together we can express our shared understanding of what we believe, deliver our strategic aims and deliver quality health and social care services.

  • Customer focused: We place customers at the heart of Making Space to ensure that they are actively engaged in the planning, design, delivery and evaluation of our services, to raise the achievement and aspirations of all.
  • Valuing and embracing diversity: We value our diverse community and harness individual differences, to create a productive environment and services, in which everyone feels valued and where their talents are being fully utilised to assist in achieving our vision.
  • Working in a spirit of partnership: We work together to achieve our vision. We listen, respect the views of others, and are fair and even handed both with all of our partners and our own teams.
  • Striving for excellence: We recognise and embrace our role in providing a service. We demand of ourselves and others the highest standards of integrity, openness and organisational excellence.
  • Innovation: We strive for continuous improvement in everything we do. We challenge the conventional ways of working, to ensure a step change in our personal progress and the organisational services and care which we provide.
  • We make a difference: We believe we are part of something special and worthwhile. We work with commitment and enthusiasm to make a real difference for our customers and stakeholders.