Carer support services

Making Space Carer Support Services

Caring for a family member or loved one is a very generous and selfless thing to do, and it can be extremely rewarding. However, taking on such a physically and emotionally demanding role can also take its toll.

Being a carer can affect your health, leave you feeling isolated and often means you need to put your own life on hold. It can be a thankless job that is overlooked, but it is an important job and you continue to do it for the person you love.

At Making Space we understand the stress and pressures of being a carer. Our carer support workers can offer advice on everything from finance and welfare to medication and possible side effects. Our teams can also provide or signpost you to a range of local activities and support groups, including peer support and leisure and social activities. 

Do you need a break from your caring role? Our carer breaks give you the chance to get away and relax, while we provide support for the person you care for, either in their own home or in our short and long-term residential accommodation.

Our services are very flexible and personalised entirely to you. Our expert staff will get to know you and understand your needs and circumstances. This way, we work together to make time for you, give you more balance in your life, and always with the reassurance of knowing that the person you care for is in very good hands.