Shared stories

Read some of the personal stories our service users, carers, volunteers and employees have shared with us, and find out more about how we work together with the people we support to deliver person-centred care.

Anna's story

Anna began volunteering with Making Space as she wanted gain additional hands on experience of working with people with mental health conditions and gain a better understanding of how mental health affects people day-to-day. Read her story.  

Colin's story

“There’s no way I could have done it on my own,” he says. “I’d have been reaching for the booze, not college prospectuses. I’d previously started courses in both Liverpool and Leeds, but both times I ended up returning home.” Read more

Kevin's story

"Work4You gave me back my confidence and helped me to believe in myself again. If I didn’t have Work4You, I’d have no hope at all. I really don’t want to think about what life would be like without Lyn and the service. The help and support I get is nothing short of tremendous." Read more

Angie's story

"Finding work at 40 has opened up my future. I saw my medical notes once, and the doctor had written ‘This young lady will never get better' and I spent my life believing that." Read more.

Adam's story

As well as working with our team to improve his self-esteem and develop his independent living skills, Adam also has support on managing addictions, as he can become obsessed with his weight and food. Read more.

Teresa's story

"I love living at Sherdley Court, I have all my friends here with the residents and the staff. I know that I’m in the best place to be well cared for by people who love me and know me well." Read more 

Carol's story

How the Dementia Law Clinic helped me. Read how Carol, Making Space Area Manager, recently accessed one of our services as a service user, rather than an employee. Read more.

Jackie's story

"I don’t know what I’d do without Work4You. It’s brilliant, and I’d recommend it to everybody. I’m better off financially and my outlook on life has totally changed. I’ve even been able to get a season ticket for my local football club – it’s a big thing for me to be able to afford to do that." Read more. 

Richard's story 

In 2000, Richard was incorrectly diagnosed and sectioned under the Mental Health Act. This was the first of many labels he was given, being incorrectly treated for psychosis, schizophrenia and hypermania before finally receiving a bipolar disorder diagnosis in 2008. Read more.

Michelle's story

When Michelle Christy met her husband, Richard, she knew about his diagnosis of schizophrenia. That diagnosis was subsequently changed to bipolar disorder, but Michelle knew it was an illness and that the man she fell in love with remained the same whatever the label. Read more. 

Bipolar in the family – a parent’s perspective

Di and David explain how their world was rocked when their youngest son began to display symptoms that were so worrying, they feared for his life. Read more.

Vicky's story

"My son was an intelligent, sociable, funny 14 year old before mental illness took hold of him. Gradually that person disappeared. I’ll always be his mum, but over time I also became his carer. It was a gradual process which at the time I didn’t realise was happening." Read more. 

Ella's story

"I was asked if I, as a previous Trustee of Making Space, would like to share some of my experiences in order to reduce stigma in mental illness. Here is my story...." Read more. 

Jane's story

We spoke to Jane, our Cheshire Team Leader, to find out what a typical day looks like and what she enjoys most about working at Making Space. Read more.