Steve Hull

Steve Hull


Steve joined our Board of Trustees in October 2018, he has recently retired after 35 years experience working within the NHS.

Steve celebrated his 55th birthday in March of 2018 and retired from his post of Deputy Director of Nursing and Quality at Northwest Boroughs Healthcare FT after 35 years in the NHS.

Within his recent senior management and leadership role, he had the responsibility to report to the Trust Board to provide assurance that the organisation was meeting its responsibilities to meet the quality standards across a wide variety of areas.

Steve regularly represented the organisation externally across the footprint of the Trust and has been accountable to report to the Clinical Commissioning Groups and Local Authority commissioners on quality and safety performance on a monthly basis.

Since retiring Steve has registered his own business, he is a trained and experienced Executive Coach, Executive Coach Supervisor and Mediator. He has agreed to return to Northwest Boroughs Healthcare NHS Trust for two days per week and currently leads on the coaching development programme.

Steve is also involved as a clinical presenter for a men’s mental health charity called State of Mind and has recently been accepted on the Cheshire and Merseyside Sub Committee of the Advisory Committee on Clinical Excellence Awards (ACCEA), a committee that reviews and scores medical innovation applications, it recognises and rewards outstanding performance.

Change appears to be a constant within the health and social care sector at this time, the need for individuals and organisation to be able to adapt and take advantage of system change has never been more relevant. Steve feels he has the experience and capacity to support Making Space to take advantage of that transition and he believes he can be both innovative and challenging whilst ensuring the delivery of safe and effective service provision.

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