Andy De Vares

Andy De Vares

Head of Operations for region 3

Andy is the Head of Operations for region 3 within Making Space, which covers Greater Manchester and our independent hospitals.

Prior to joining Making Space in 1986, Andy worked as a Community Development Officer across Merseyside and Lancashire. He worked in partnership with statutory and independent agencies to develop projects in areas of social and economical deprivation, including mental health and domestic violence.

In July 2006, Andy was appointed Clinical Services Director with direct operational responsibility for Ashwood Court Independent Hospital. Andy had previously worked as our Social and Healthcare Services Manager responsible for all our registered social and health care services.

Andy was appointed Regional Director for Greater Manchester and Clinical Services in 2008, and remained in this post until June 2010, when he was asked to take responsibility for our newly acquired care homes; The Limes and Gables Manor.

Shortly after this Andy also took over responsibility for the line management of Ashwood Court Independent Hospital, Monet Lodge Independent Hospital and cCBT.

Today Andy continues to be responsible for the line management of the above, as well as a spectrum of our other services across Wigan and Cumbria.

From a developmental point of view, Andy spends a great deal of time and commitment working in partnership with colleagues in the development of our clinical policies, procedures and processes.

In his spare time Andy loves to travel and is an aficionado of classic movies. He has a love for art and antiques and also enjoys politics and current affairs.

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