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Making Space top fundraising tips!

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Make sure you take advantage of our fundraising team! They are on hand to help you with advice, materials and promotion and can guide you through each step of fundraising. Give them a call on 01925 581729 or email

Set up an online fundraising page

Set up your fundraising page on JustGiving. This makes it quick and easy for people to donate to you and see what your event/activity is all about! You can share this on your social media and circulate it to friends, family and colleagues.

Have fun!

Choose an event or activity you will love to organise as it will come more naturally to you! Make sure you have fun; people will want to involve themselves with you if they see what a great thing fundraising is.

Plan your activity well in advance

Planning is essential to successful fundraising. You can set yourself a target, promote your event/activity and also maximise donations if people have plenty of time to get involved. This will keep the pressure off and help you avoid calendar clashes!

Promote yourself!

Make sure you shout about your event or activity; use social media to share progress pictures, stories and an event countdown. This will get the word out there and promote more donations and exposure to our cause! We can provide you with Making Space branded headers and banners.

Get support from your local community

Contact your local businesses, pubs, restaurants to see if they can donate something to help your fundraising to keep costs down! They could provide food, raffle prizes or simple put up your poster to promote you.

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