Make a fiddle blanket for people living with dementia

November 2021 · min read

Monet Lodge, our Independent Hospital based in Manchester, is asking for people to make fiddle blankets for people living with dementia.

Christmas blanket 1

If you're a keen sewer or would like to help someone living with dementia, then we have an opportunity for you to do just that.

Fiddle blankets are small tactile blankets that are made up of different textures, such as a range of fabrics, buckles, ribbons, beads and small soft toys. They are a good way of helping people living with dementia to reduce anxiety by providing stimulation and comfort.

You can either knit the fiddle blankets, using different coloured knitted squares or by sewing different pieces of fabric together. The blankets work best if they are brightly coloured and when they're the size of a place mat or small cushion. You could even give your fiddle blanket a theme, such as Christmas, childhood, gardening or football.

More information about how to make a fiddle blanket can be found here.

So once you've made your fiddle blanket, how do you get it to the people we support? You can drop off your blanket at either Monet Lodge or our Head Office based in Warrington:

Monet Lodge Independent Hospital, 67 Cavendish Road, Manchester, M20 1JG

Making Space, Lyne House, 46 Allen Street, Warrington, Chester, WA2 7JB

Alternatively you can post your blanket to Meena Patel (Monet Lodge Manager) using the Monet Lodge address above.

If you do drop your blanket off to Monet Lodge in person it would be brilliant if one of our team could take a picture of you with your blanket, so we can show off the amazing way you've contributed to people living with dementia.

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