Our Strategic Plan for 2020-24 has officially launched

August 2021 · min read

Our strategy describes our vision for the next 4 years, our priority areas and the ways in which we will work better to put wellbeing at the heart of health and social care.

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You can read all about our new Strategic Plan and discover how our 4 strategic pillars will support all that we do here.

In this strategic plan, we confirm our commitment to continue to provide support for people living with a mental health condition, a learning disability and people with age-related needs.

Over the next 4 years, we will continue to provide high quality residential care services, independent hospital provision, residential nursing care and supported living services that enable independence, and community-based services.

The strategic plan was on schedule to be launched in March 2020, however, as the COVID-19 virus reached the UK, a pandemic was declared and Making Space, along with many countries across the world, were propelled into a lockdown – a period of time that would be like nothing anyone have ever known.

All of our plans, priorities and efforts were shifted towards supporting and protecting the people they support.

Rachel Peacock, said: “I am so pleased to launch our strategic plan. The COVID-19 restrictions meant that we had to postpone the official launch of our strategy, but we were still able to progress with implementing many new projects that underpin our plan.

“This included launching our new vision, mission and values, working with partners to develop and launch new supported living schemes and retirement villages across the North West, launching a new digital care planning solution and developing a new recruitment toolkit.

“Everything we do will be delivered by a passionate and committed workforce who are empowered to work autonomously in order to achieve the best outcomes for the people we support.

“We look forward to making even more progress towards achieving our goals."

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