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March 2022 · 1 min read

We've created a Happy Place list to celebrate International Day of Happiness 2022.

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Welcome to the Making Space Happy Place list. We asked our Making Space family for places they really enjoy, look forward to visiting or places that simply make them feel happy when they think about them.

We also asked for some pictures of their happy places, so why not feast your eyes on our list and maybe it'll give you some ideas of new places to visit and explore.

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Terrie - Glossop, The Great Orme, Stockport town centre and her own back garden

We would like to say a huge thank you to Terrie, who sent us not one but four of her happy places!

Glossop, in Derbyshire, is one of Terrie's favourites, especially early in the morning. She took the above picture at 6:30am, on a Sunday morning, and the colours look amazing.

Terrie also loves the Great Orme, in Llandudno, people watching in Stockport town centre and looking for squirrels in her own back garden.

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Joanne - Lakeside stage for the World Darts Championship

"Darts is my happy place. I play weekly for my local team and also for the Lancaster Super League team, in which we play throughout Lancashire and Greater Manchester. I also play in competitions throughout the country.

This has always been my happy place due to me going to competitions with my late grandpa, spending time with him and meeting different people who enjoy the same sport.

I can be me at these events and just either relax watching a game or enjoy playing. With darts I have an extended family too. I have played for over 35 years and am still going".

Picture from skysports.com

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Rachel - Anfield

"My happy place is watching Liverpool play at Anfield, in particular row 77 of the new Main Stand where unbreakable bonds of football friendship have been forged with other fellow season ticket holders.

We have laughed together, jumped about and hugged each other and of course we have sang our hearts out together. The picture of me and my husband, heading towards the ground, is the first game back this season after the lockdown. The street we are on may look familiar to Dr Who fans as it featured heavily in the last series when the Dr landed in Liverpool".

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Lisa - Northumberland

"My happy place is on a beach in Northumberland with my family. This photo was taken on the beach near Dunstanburgh Castle golf course. It is so peaceful and it feels like you have your own private beach as it's so quiet".

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Adam - Being out in nature

"I don't have a specific happy place but my favourite place to be is out in nature. Whether it's hiking, climbing a mountain or just going for a walk in the park, it helps me to focus and forget about the silly little things in life. I always feel like I've accomplished something afterwards.

The above pictures were taken in Betws-y-Coed, Wales, and whilst climbing Mount Helvellyn in the Lake District. I can't recommend them highly enough".

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Natalie - Goodison Park

"Goodison Park, the home of Everton Football Club, is my happy place, even this season. It's my place to escape from the world, enjoy a shared experience with thousands of like-minded people and just sing, shout and let it all out".

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Kayleigh - Black Rock Sands

"For the last couple of years we have had the most wonderful family holidays in Wales. One of my happiest places is Morfa Bychan beach or more commonly known, Black Rock Sands. The beach is about 2 miles long and is a great place for all to enjoy the sand, sea, dunes, playing games and a yummy BBQ too.

Each time we visit my girls are more inquisitive and adventurous and we get to explore more together which I just love. I have some of my best memories so far here".

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Bob - Birkenhead Park

"My Happy Place is Birkenhead Park. The park is in the middle of the town, split into two parts with lakes in each. It is the lungs of the town and is used for walking, sports and exercise, children’s play, sitting, cycling and dog walking. It has busy places, very quiet places and has a great variety of wildlife and greenery. I use it as a place to relax, de-stress, to get closer to nature and to recharge".

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Ria - Florida

"My happy place is definitely Florida. Sun, fun and amazing food! My time in the theme parks are most memorable where everyday is magical and your imagination can truly run free. You can totally escape from reality. I'm hoping to get back there soon".

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