David's story

David Brotherton works as a Community Support Worker at our brand new Warrington service, The Academy, but he hasn’t always worked in the care sector.


David’s care career started 16 years ago, in 2004. He was working as a swimming teacher when he got the opportunity to support autistic children in water therapy and swimming classes. The experience was so rewarding that David decided a change was needed, and that he wanted to work in care.

Working at the Warrington Day Service for the past 8 years, David’s favourite part of the job is knowing he has had a positive impact on a person’s life, especially when he would organise quizzes for the people he supported on a Friday. “Feedback was always positive and the members left in a happy mood”.

Male care workers make up a small percentage of the social care sector and David thinks it’s extremely important that more men pursue careers in care. “Men are notorious for not opening up about the problems they may be having. In my experience the male members found it easier to open up to me rather than a female member of staff”.

“I am hopeful that more men will become interested in social care. Society is changing, albeit slowly, and more and more stigma barriers are being broken down. I am happy to share my experiences with anyone who is interested”.

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