Going above the call of duty

Andrew is an IT Field Technician, providing onsite support for all our staff across all of our services.

Wnw Images Landscape Andrew It

While normally an exceptional employee, during the pandemic Andrew stepped up beyond the normal call of duty.

Despite being identified as a high risk individual for Covid-19 due to his Type 1 diabetes, Andrew was adamant to not only continue his work but to also take on additional responsibilities. This included delivering PPE equipment to all our services, putting the health of his co-workers and our service users above his own.

During the lockdown period, Andrew was frequently undertaking 14 hour days and driving 600/700 miles delivering PPE and ensuring that our IT systems were working optimally so all our services stayed connected and could continue delivering services digitally where possible, whilst also handling all IT hardware requests from his colleagues who are working from home.

His affable personality makes him easily approachable and he is always quick to help or offer advice. He has a gentle humour, an empathetic manner and time for everyone. He has a huge amount of professional pride in his work and every job he does is completed to perfection.

Andrew has a genuine interest in technology, and is frequently playing around with the latest software or gadgets in his personal time. He enjoys the challenge his work provides and is determined to resolve any problem.

Andrew’s interest in technology is surpassed only by his love of cars and racing, which is quite fortunate, considering the number of hours, he logs crisscrossing the country to support his colleagues at our head office in Warrington or our services.

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