It's time to celebrate YOU!

It’s time to take care of yourself.

National days such as Valentine’s Day can be tough on our mental health, more so this year, when many of us are feeling lonely, isolated or anxious about the ongoing pandemic.

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Whether you’re with someone or alone, we're using Valentine's Day as an opportunity to share information and tips that might help if you're feeling this way on 14 February, or any day for that matter.

Celebrate YOU!

Celebrate the most important person in your life, YOU! Be your own Valentine and spend the day treating yourself with something you enjoy.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to pamper yourself, enjoy your favourite foods, watch your favourite film or dig into a book on your must-read list — treat yourself to something you know will relieve your stress and make you feel good about yourself.

Whether you’re binge-watching Netflix (other streaming services are available), browsing through your favourite magazines, or doing some deep breathing, inhale the self-love and exhale the commercialised expectations of the day.

Fall in love with nature

Valentine's Day is a perfect time to fall in love with nature. Enjoy some relaxing time alone with Mother Nature by take in your local scenery during a nice walk, either alone, with your household or support bubble. You could even take some seeds or a piece of bread a have a date with the birds and ducks.

Have you hugged a tree lately? We know what you’re thinking but exposure to trees has been shown to help improve concentration levels and reaction times, as well as having a positive effect on our mental wellbeing.

Take a break from social media

Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat… where do we begin? It's important that we all take breaks from social media every once in a while, because studies show that spending too much time scrolling can increase feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression, especially on days such as Valentine's Day.

Plan something with friends or family

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be romantic. Planning something to look forward to can take the gloom and doom out of the day.

Why not plan a fun night with your friends? You don’t have to be in the same room to have fun, as video calls are a great way to chat, play games or even watch a film together. You can also speak to people online, via email and texts.

Show all your relationships love, not just your romantic ones

Going through difficult times together can make our relationships stronger. Talking about how we feel can be really supportive to our mental wellbeing and can help to reduce feelings of isolation.

Reach out to someone you know, you can send them a text, give them a call or even write them a card. Whatever you do, let someone know you care.

Take some time to relax

It’s normal to feel upset if your plans have had to change, don’t give yourself a hard time if you’re finding it difficult.

Sometimes something simple like controlled breathing can help us feel calmer. Here are some breathing techniques put together by the NHS >

Support is available

If you are feeling down or alone, do not hesitate to reach out for help. Text or call a trusted person, whether this is a therapist or a friend.

For emergency support, call Samaritans on 116 123 or text "SHOUT" to 85258 to contact the Shout Crisis Text Line.

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