Julie's story

Julie decided to try volunteering after going through a difficult time. She's now been with us for over 12 months.

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Julie was an inpatient at one of our independent hospitals, Ashwood Court, as she was really struggling with her mental health at the time. She decided to try volunteering at the residential part of the service, putting her heart and soul into it, and it was as beneficial to her as it was for the residents.

After being discharged from the hospital, Julie wanted to remain committed to her volunteering role, and started to work with one of our Activity Coordinators, Adele. Having experienced mental health difficulties herself, Julie is able to fully empathise with the residents at the service. Volunteering has definitely transformed Julie's life as it has given her purpose, friendships and happiness.

"The residents give back to me more than I give to them".

Julie is well loved at Ashwood Court, even being called the best volunteer they have ever had. She is enthusiastic, dynamic and goes above and beyond to arrange activities for the residents. She runs the bingo and a social night on Saturdays which are a huge success. Julie volunteers every weekday and organises all of the national event days for the residents, even shopping for activity equipment, and food and drinks when needed.

Julie is 60 and intends to continue volunteering for as long as she can. She said that being at Ashwood Court is an inspiration to her and she wishes she had discovered volunteering with people with mental health difficulties when she left school.

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