Kingshill's Four-Legged Friend

If you’ve been a keen watcher of our videos over the last two months you’ll already be a fan of Kingshill Residential Home’s newest resident, Trevor.

Wnw Images Landscape Trevor

Trevor, a 12-week-old black labrador, has already found his feet with his new housemates at Kingshill Court in Standish, and according to residential manager Colette O’Neil, he has provided just the boost residents need after lockdown separated them from friends and family.

She said: “Residents used to enjoy weekly visits from a labrador thanks to charity Pets as Therapy, but we started struggling to book sessions with them as they were so busy.

“Having a dog in the house has so many benefits, from encouraging people to take regular walks to bringing a sense of fun into the day.

“When a friend of mine decided to breed her labradors, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to introduce a permanent canine companion to the home.

“Labradors are a very friendly and intelligent breed.

“Because of social distancing, I had to choose Trevor virtually rather than pay a visit. Trevor was the smallest of a litter of nine and his cheekiness and playfulness made him stand out to me immediately.”

Trevor now spends his days at Kingshill and returns home with manager Colette every night. A rota has been set up to coordinate Trevor’s care, including feeding and walking.

A young resident who used to work on a farm has asked to take the lead when it comes to keeping Trevor safe and well.

“Young labradors have so much energy and he is never short of someone to pet him, take him for a walk or play with him.

“He is loving all the fuss and attention he is getting,” said Colette.

Kate Taylor, who lives at Kingshill Court, said: “I look forward to seeing Trevor each morning and he is really cheering everyone up.”

You can see Trevor’s adventures so far in the below videos. He will be fetching a new episode for you later in the year.

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