Kyle's story

Kyle Godkin started working as a senior support worker at Rivacre Residential Home just before the first UK lockdown.


With 12 years’ experience of working in the social care sector, Kyle has worked in a wide range of services from hospitals to extra care.

Like many people, Kyle first became interested in working in care through a family member. “My auntie was a senior care assistant at an extra care scheme not far from where I live and she told me I think you’d be perfect for a job like this. I was 19 at the time and definitely didn’t think it was for me. She told me to just apply for the job because she thought I’d be pleasantly surprised. I applied, got the job and it blew my mind how much I loved it. I stayed there for 5 years before moving on”.

Now Kyle is working at Making Space and is absolutely loving it. “I love being able to provide high standards of person-centred care and enabling the residents here to maintain their independence. I leave every day with a smile, knowing that I have given my all to my residents”.

Throughout his career in care, Kyle has noticed that male support staff can have a strong relationship with male residents. “I think it is very important for men to work in social care as I feel male residents respond better to a male figure as we can relate to them with their low moments, struggles and frustrations. Some males open up better to another male as it breaks the common boundary down”.

And finally, Kyle has some insightful advice for any men who are thinking of working in social care. “Don’t be afraid to get stuck in and ask loads of questions. Be open, honest, accountable and approachable. Basically think like a sponge and soak in as much as you can as all knowledge is better than none”.

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