Manchester Supported Housing going above and beyond to deliver food parcels

Our team at Manchester Supported Housing have been going the extra mile, quite literally, to help deliver food parcels to our tenants.

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With help from the Myriad Foundation, the Bury Homeless Project and Manchester City Council, employees and volunteers have been delivering food parcels to 44 of our tenants a week in both Greater Manchester and Trafford. Our tenants would usually do their own shopping; however, they have had to self-isolate either due to age or underlying health conditions.

This is the reason we are here, to make our tenant’s lives less stressful, especially in this current climate”

A number of weeks ago, Tracey felt that changes would need to be made to the way they provide support. “As I saw what was happening in the country, and what potentially could happen, the staff were asked to look at options that could help our tenants should they have to self-isolate or if a lockdown occurred”.

“Ruth Shield was instrumental in sourcing the help of the Myriad Foundation. They were very happy to help. They have delivered not only to our schemes in both Manchester and Trafford, but to some of our floating support clients who are isolated in the community”. Ruth, a Carer Support Worker who has been assisting Tracey during this time, said that the Myriad Foundation have been fantastic. “Nothing has been a problem and they have been very helpful, positive and happy”.

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Delivering the food parcels would not have been possible without assistance from the Bury Homeless Project and Manchester City Council, who both made donations. Tracey stated that the Bury Homeless Project “responded immediately” to Making Space’s request for help and donated £175 in shopping vouchers. “These vouchers can be taken to stores such as Tesco to buy food. They also came the week after and delivered Easter Eggs for each tenant”. Donna Halstead, a volunteer who has now joined Making Space as a bank worker, sourced the donation and spoke highly of the group. “They were very helpful, absolutely fantastic. They are happy to help both now and in the future. Tenants sometimes donate to this charity so they were more than happy to return the help”.

Manchester City Council donated 33 food parcels in the first week and have continued to do so every week since. “We have had bacon, steak, cereal, milk, bread, rice, pasta, plus Easter Eggs”! Ruth said that the Council have been fantastic, even changing their processes to further help Making Space.

“They changed their referral process, which is usually for individuals, to services to help us process them more quickly”.

And how do our tenants feel about their new deliveries? Tracey says “all the tenants have been extremely happy and very appreciative of the donations. We have one tenant who is making a card so that our other tenants at the scheme can sign and say thank you to the Myriad Foundation. One tenant has also made a little video thank you message”.

Tracey stated that not only do the food deliveries stop our tenants from having to leave their homes, putting themselves at risk, it also allows her team to catch up with everyone individually.

“This is what we do. We give support and help where needed to make lives easier for people”.

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