Mark's story

Mark Thornton has been working in social care for nearly 12 years. Mark worked in retail before volunteering for a Making Space service.


His volunteering progressed to a paid position in the service and now Mark works at Making Space’s Head Office as one of the two volunteering and co-production co-ordinator. “I enable non-employees to get more involved in our organisation through volunteering, creating projects and offering valuable ideas and insight to help shape our services”.

It’s this connection with people that Mark enjoys the most about his role.

“I love seeing and hearing about how much pleasure people get from giving their valuable time to help our organisation. I love helping to transform insight into action”.

The diversity of the Making Space family is also something that is important to Mark. “It’s really vital that the social care sector appeals to as many different people as possible to promote employment and careers, males as much as anyone else, as there is always a need for a diverse choice in who is able to support and care for people”.

“I’d encourage any male to seriously consider a job in health and social care. It may not be the first sector a number of men consider, but it deserves to not be overlooked. It is massively rewarding and offers so many positive ingredients to improve your health and wellbeing”.

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