New Making Space digital care planning provider accounced!

July 2020 · Filed under Shine

Nourish announced as new Making Space digital care planning provider

Bellyflop Making Space Shine Event 19

Since we launched project Shine, our key subproject has been appointing a digital care planning provider.

From a list of 15 potential providers our Shine project team determined 3 that could be the right fit for Making Space: Sekoia, Nourish and PCS.

At our Shine launch event in January 2020, where over 100 of you attended, we captured your thoughts and feedback on each of these three providers. In our last email update we shared this insight with you, and it clearly showed Nourish and Sekoia to be our top 2 contenders.

All 3 providers were then invited to pitch to a focus group made up of leaders across our charity and a final decision was made.

Congratulations to Nourish who have been chosen as our new provider. We are excited for the future possibilities they bring for our charity and people.

Why Nourish?

The final decision came down to 3 key benefits:

  • Nourish already successfully deliver their service to secure hospitals – our most complex service type
  • User profiles look similar to what we deliver and reflect our range of service types
  • The platform is friendly, intuitive and easy to use

You can find out more about Nourish by visiting their website.

Nourish rollout

The rollout of Nourish will take a full 2 years to complete. We will work with 3 frontline leaders at a time, starting with our ‘early adopters’. Our early adopters represent our different and more complex service types, including:

  • Wigan supported living
  • Ashwood Court
  • Monet Lodge

We will be working with our early adopters from August – December 2020. A rollout plan from across other services will commence from January 2021.

To find out when we plan to work with you, you can download our Nourish rollout plan here.

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