Our digital journey so far

Here you’ll find regular updates on how our digital journey is progressing.

Bellyflop Making Space Shine Event 13 Min

Sparks flying

During 2019, our executive management team and trustees began a new strategic planning phase that would define our goals and commitments for the next 3 years.

It was throughout this planning phase where the significance of digital was discussed and confirmed a strategic enabler, and although it didn’t have a name yet, the spark for project Shine was struck.

Working closely with Laing Buisson and other providers, our board and EMT began to explore new and exciting digital innovation opportunities that could improve the way we work and the care we provide.

A competitor analysis into how digital was being implemented across our sector showed that many providers were approaching digital in the same way.

Confident in our knowledge of digital opportunities and in our approach of digital being a strategic enabler, we began our next big task, a deep dive into our own data and systems.

A data working group, inclusive of our frontline staff and leaders was set-up to capture key information about our data, and how we use it. Using this data we opted to explore the idea of creating our own digital system. Given the investment this would require, we partnered with NCF Consult who joined us on a roadshow across our services to understand what digital means to them.

We then analysed the results and different streams of research began on digital solutions that meet our unique requirements, including care planning, recruitment, internal communications and more.

Ready to shine

This is an exciting time in our Shine journey. We know what we need and want, and now making decision on what solutions we will implement.

On the 23 January we held a digital launch event, open to all Making Space employees, volunteers and people we support.

At the event we officially announced our project for going digital at Making Space as project ‘Shine’. We shared our digital journey so far, the outcomes we hope to achieve with project Shine and began our search for a digital care planning solution.

Check our our Shine page dedicated to digital care planning for information on how that decision making is progressing.

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