Proud to work in social care

Seventy-five-year-old Gladys has worked as a Mental Health Nurse at Monet Lodge in South Manchester for 16 years and saw no reason to stop, despite being in a high-risk category for Covid-19.

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Determined to remain at work throughout the pandemic, even with the additional difficulties of not being a driver, Gladys has been continuing to work at least five shifts a week.

She often covers for colleagues who have had to self-isolate and happily takes on night shifts, arriving by taxi and jumping in at short notice when required.

It’s no surprise to her colleagues – having time off has never been in Gladys’s vocabulary and she hasn’t had a sick day in four years.

Gladys works with the rest of the team at Monet Lodge to provide expert care and support for people living with complex dementia or mental health conditions.

Gladys takes great pride in her work, managing often very difficult situations with dignity and compassion. As this is a dementia specialist unit, she is faced with challenging behaviour on a daily basis but her knowledge in this area is excellent and she shows warmth and care towards each resident and their families. In the run up to inspections, she has always helped complete paperwork and provide everything necessary to assist her management colleagues.

This makes Gladys an exceptional role model for the newer staff, whom she takes great pleasure in training and helping. She’s also a caring and calming presence for the families, who always report how comfortable they feel when she’s on duty.

Her achievements are nothing short of remarkable and she’s a huge asset not just to the hospital but to dementia care overall.

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