The secret ingredient is care

Craig has been the cook at Sherley Court in St Helens for four years. He is an exceptional chef and always endeavors to meet the needs and wishes of residents in creative and cost effective ways.

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During the coronavirus pandemic, the other chef at the service had to shield for 12 weeks due to being in the at risk category. To avoid the service having to use agency staff and to reduce the risk of exposure to vulnerable residents at the service, Craig has voluntarily worked every day without a day off.

Craig took his first day off from the service in August. This is a very generous sacrifice he made to keep residents safe in their home.

As well as being an amazing cook, he puts a lot of thought into preparation, presentation and finding solutions to mealtime challenges. When residents have wanted to try alternative diets e.g. vegan or vegetarian or weight loss / low fat plans, Craig has researched the nutritional requirements and ensured that the residents physical needs and dietary requirements are met. This has included building a menu based on using food molds for people who have dysphasia.

Craig ensures that mealtimes are positive. He understands they help enhance social interaction, build a sense of community, increase nutritional intake, and contribute to a person’s mental and physical well-being.

Not only is Craig invariably cheerful, always empathetic and happy to provide a listening ear, he’s positive, embraces new ideas and everyone is full of praise for him.

He is always cheerful and friendly and residents look forward to chatting with him as he visits all units in order to check that everyone is happy with their meals.

He does all this on his own initiative and has really embraced the life of a cook in a care setting. He doesn’t just make food; he ensures that the whole dining experience enhances the lives of the people who live at Sherdley Court.

Thank you Craig for all your hard work and selfless attitude. We hope you enjoyed your time off.

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