Shine outcomes

Making News

Through project Shine we aim to integrate different digital solutions across all areas of our charity that will change and improve the way we operate. We identified 5 key components of project Shine, which we will measure any new systems or developments against.

These components will ensure that we choose the right digital solutions for Making Space.


Technology will play a big part in us achieving these outcomes, however, it is our adaptability as an organisation that is the key to Shine being a success.

We need to be able to keep pace with the changes new digital solutions will inevitably bring and embrace innovation.

How do we do that?

  • Clear aims that we are all working towards
  • Our leaders support our goals and listen to ideas
  • Collaboration across all levels using various methods
  • We try new things and take risks – if we fail we aim to fail fast and learn from our mistakes
  • Regular informative, engaging and up-to-date communication
  • Shine Champions that advocate all things digital – to help Shine subprojects happen faster and better
  • Ongoing quality training using different methods and learning styles

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