Making Space launches charity Christmas card campaign

December 2018

This year has seen us paving the way for innovation across the health and social care sector, as a result we have launched our fundraising team in hopes of raising vital funds to help the charity to go even further in supporting those in need.

To help the cause we have launched our very first Christmas campaign, we are selling our fantastic in house designed Christmas card to raise money for carer respite.

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Fundraising Coordinator Charlotte said: “We are asking people to do one thing this Christmas – send one of our lovely Christmas card to a friend of family!

"Our fundraised income goes straight back out into the community to support those who need it.”

There are three designs included in each 10 pack of cards, with each pack costing £4.50, they are available to buy through our online eBay shop: click here.

Money raised will help us to add value to our carers service, why not get involved and send your loved ones a Christmas card with meaning or simply help spread the word.

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