Gables Manor Nursing Home has transferred to the National Care Consortium (NCC)

May 2020

Gables Manor Nursing Home transferred to the National Care Consortium (NCC) on 11 May and we would like to thank all of the employees for their commitment and dedication whilst being a part of Making Space!


Gaynor Chisnall, our Director of Operations, has commended the staff, saying “Gables Manor has been a Making Space service since January 2010 and since the beginning, we have been incredibly proud of how our team has operated. The love and affection they show for residents and their ongoing commitment to caring for people has always been extremely strong, which is reflected in the Good CQC rating”.

The service received this Good CQC rating in March 2020 and has continued to provide a high level of care to the people we support during this difficult time. Tanzeel Younas, the Director at the NCC, also praised the team for their rating, “The team has done a fantastic job in achieving Good overall on their CQC inspection and we look to build on that so that we can deliver outstanding care and support for the residents of the home”.

The home has 20 bedrooms and the employees have cared for a large number of people since 2010, assisting residents with learning disabilities and associated needs. These residents will continue to see the same friendly faces they know so well. “The current team will continue to support residents as they transfer to the new provider, NCC”, said Gaynor. “With NCC’s experience in providing quality, specialist care and the current Gables Manor team giving continuity, we are confident that Gables Manor and residents will have a positive future”.

Tanzeel and the NCC, who have many years of experience in providing care, are “delighted to have added Gables Manor to its portfolio of homes. We have a strong track record of delivering high quality services and having met the team and residents personally, we are extremely excited to get to work”.

Everyone at Making Space would like to say one last thank you to all of the hard-working and dedicated employees who have been with Gables Manor whilst it was a part of Making Space. We know that you will continue to provide excellent care to the people who need your support.

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