We are ready for our future!

September 2020
Ready For Our Future

This year we embark on our next 3 year strategic plan for 2020-2023.

In the lead up to launching our plan we wanted to ensure our brand and culture reflected the organisation that we are today and the organisation that we will become to achieve our goals.

To help us get ready for our future, over the past 12 months we have held focus groups, surveys and workshops with colleagues of all levels across our charity, volunteers and people we support, to capture what they think we look like at our best.

We asked them what makes what we do worthwhile, their ideas about our future, and wonderful stories of our values being lived.

Using all of their insight and feedback, we are pleased to launch:

  • A new logo that continues to represent our established identity while also representing how we have evolved
  • A vision statement that shares our ambitious hopes for our people, charity and sector
  • A mission statement that clearly shares why we exist
  • 5 new values that will shape our culture and help us to achieve our vision and mission
  • Our next strategic plan, underpinned by 4 strategic pillars, which will give us strength and support

Our Vision

We will put wellbeing at the heart of health and social care

Our Mission

Together we build relationships, connect communities and provide quality care as unique as the people we support

Our Values

Word Values 32

You can visit our new dedicated webpage www.wearemakingspace.co.uk to find out everything you need to know about our new vision, mission and values all on one place. You can also read an overview of our next strategic plan from our CEO Rachel Peacock.

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