Warrington Day Service still providing a life line to Warrington residents

April 2020

Warrington Day Service, a day centre that supports people with mental health conditions, has taken its groups and activities online in an attempt to reduce social isolation.

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Play Your Cards Right, bingo, karaoke, exercise and cookery sessions are just some of the ways Warrington Day Centre is continuing to reach out to its 70 regular attenders.

The centre closed its doors on 17 March in line with government advice on social distancing.

But service manager Claire Jones says although shutting up shop is best for attenders' physical health, they are now more at risk than ever from isolation.

"Many of our regulars live alone and coming to the centre gets them out the house, gives their day some structure and helps them to meet other people and make friends - all really important when you are living with a mental health condition.

"Obviously they can't do this face-to-face at the moment, so we have taken our service online and now have a full timetable of group activities, with something happening every day.

"We have already run quizzes, bingo and exercise sessions and are hoping to start a book club, language lessons and group cookery sessions really soon.

"Day centre members tell us that the sessions are the highlight of their day and we are enjoying running them as much as they are enjoying taking part. Some of the ideas are ours, and others, including a hilarious game of Play Your Cards Right and an impromptu karaoke singalong, are being led by our members.

"These are tough times, but we are doing everything we can to support people in Warrington who are struggling with their mental health. One lady, who has a terminal illness, was keen to join our group sessions but had no means of getting online, so we have been able to donate a tablet."

On top of the online group activities, Claire and her staff team are still providing one-to-one mental health support over the phone, as well as assisting members with practical issues including registering as vulnerable, completing online shopping orders and learning how to use the online platform Zoom to take part in group sessions.

You can self refer to the Warrington Day Centre by calling 07813 557 874, emailing claire.jones@makingspace.co.uk or messaging via their Facebook page Warrington Day Centre Making Space.

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