Good Sleep Week

October 2023 · min read

Ensuring we get a good amount of sleep is vital for our mental health and wellbeing. Monday 23 - Sunday 29 October is 'Making Space Good Sleep Week' campaign.

The week will focus on unpaid carers and raise money and awareness around the issues they face concerning sleep deprivation and sleep poverty. All culminating in an extra hour in bed as the clocks go back on the final night of Good Sleep Week.

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Around 76% of unpaid carers struggle to get a good night's sleep and loss of sleep results in sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation causes poor decision-making, increase in negative moods and problems controlling emotions and behaviour that can affect unpaid carers ability to fulfil their role.

Bob Towers, our Fundraising Manager, said: “Unpaid carers experience a variety of issues that can affect their sleep including physical factors such as the noises, movements and the needs of the people they are looking after.

“Emotional and psychological factors that interrupt good sleep include the ‘need’ to stay up for an extra hour or two, just to get some time to themselves and just how hard it can be to wind down and switch off after a day of caring”.

Sleep poverty has become an emerging issue for lots of unpaid carers during the cost of living crisis. Many carers now don’t have a bed, mattress or bedding in order to have a good night’s sleep.

Lydia Woodall, service manager, Carers Wellbeing Service Calderdale, said: “Carers often tell us that if they can no longer share a room with their loved one, buying a new mattress or a second bed are massive expenses and can’t take priority.

“They often then end up sleeping long term on the couch. There is a real gap in funding for things like this, which is why we are fundraising for local carers during Good Sleep Week.”

So, we think it’s time to do what we can to reduce the impacts of sleep deprivation and sleep poverty on unpaid carers.

During our Good Sleep Week campaign, a number of our carers services will be running sleep-related fundraisers.

  • Calderdale carer support workers will be wearing their pyjamas to work on Wednesday 25 October, you can read more or to donate to their fundraiser here.
  • Bolton carers will be hosting a ‘Decaf’ coffee morning to share tips on getting a good night’s sleep and raise money for their service, you can read more or to donate to their fundraiser here.
  • Rotherham Dementia Carer Support are running a number of fundraisers, including promoting the national campaign and raising funds wearing their pyjamas in their local Tesco, running a name the teddy bear (who will of course be wearing pyjamas) competition and other fun activities. You can read more or to donate to their fundraiser here.

We are also hosting a free good sleep webinar for all staff, volunteers and carers we support to offer sleep tips and information.

To help fund mattresses, beds or better sleep sessions for unpaid carers and the people they care for, you can make a donation here.

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