Support staff bring a whole new world of happiness to residents

October 2023 · min read

Hollymere and Hartley Place has received new equipment to help improve physical and social wellbeing and bring a bit of magic to residents.

Tenants at extra care housing schemes Hollymere and Hartley Place, some of whom are living with dementia, have been trying out a new piece of technology called the Happiness Programme. The Programme is becoming popular with care providers as it is proven to increase physical and mental wellbeing.

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Using interactive light projections, the Happiness Programme encourages movement and interaction through fun activities such as popping bubbles, playing the piano, stargazing, colouring in pictures, sweeping leaves or chasing fish. Other meaningful activities include word games and general knowledge quizzes.

Light can be projected onto the floor, ceiling, walls, a whiteboard or even a bed, transforming everyday environments into playful and gently stimulating spaces.

Our fundraising team secured a grant from the Francis Winham Foundation to pay for the technology for 12 months.

Service manager Rachel Horton said: "We have just received the equipment and we’re so excited to start using it at Hollymere and Hartley Place.

“It’s been wonderful to see a number of our residents starting to explore the wide variety of games and projections the Happiness Programme provides, such as bubble popping, quizzes, car racing and sensory scenes.”

Hollymere resident Harry said: "I thought it was excellent. Everyone can gain something from this and it can bring people together. Computer games generally frighten me, but this is a friendly activity and I thoroughly enjoyed it."

Using the Happiness Programme has been shown to improve mood and behaviours, increase physical, social and cognitive activity, reduce the need for antipsychotic medications and bring positive impacts on relationships with care staff, friends and family.

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