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February 2020

March is ‘Make a Will month’ and so, there is no better time to tell you about the importance of Will making and the value of gifts in Wills to charities.

Gift Will

The fundraising team will be visiting our services throughout March to encourage people to make a Will and explain the importance of leaving a gift in your Will to charity.

It is vital to make a Will. A Will ensures your wishes are clear, your partner, children and loved ones are cared for and you can save on inheritance tax!

Gifts in Wills can contribute a third or even up to half of charities voluntary income. They also help charities plan for the future and give you the chance to celebrate your love for a charity close to your heart.

Many people are put off making a Will by the potential cost. However, you can make a simple Will for free.

Click and follow the information on our website. We’ve teamed up with ‘Make A Will Online’ to help you get a solicitor approved Will in three easy steps for FREE.

Before making your Will, it would be a good idea to consider, who you want to be responsible for ensuring your wishes are met, what are the value of your assets, including property, investments, debts or important items and who do you want to remember and how including, family, friends and charity?

Once you’ve given these points your consideration, make your FREE Will online.

Make your FREE will online

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