Shine FAQs

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Here you will find a comprehensive list of Shine related FAQs.

If you have a question about project Shine, please email

Devices will be issued by Making Space. These will be chosen based on the required specification. They will be the property of Making Space.

Initially, no. The mobile device management software will only allow access to approved applications. For staff who already have mobile phones, they will be able to access and use their device as they do now.

No, the Electronic Care Planning software will work via a mobile network connection or WiFi. Frontline staff will access this via a mobile device. Frontline leaders will have access via a desktop application.

It is our aspiration to become a paperless organisation. Whilst this is a grand gesture and will take some time to accomplish, we accept that there will always be the need for paper and so any digital solution will have to accommodate that.

Project Shine has a dedicated section on our intranet. All staff are encouraged to visit for information, updates and more. There is also an email for shine – Everyone is encouraged to contact the project team via the email for information about Shine.

Great question! This is just in the process of being authorised. Please visit the Project Shine section of the intranet over the coming weeks for updates.

One of the key components for Project Shine is Data. Currently our data is on paper, however once we become digital – our data will become fluid and as such we’ll be in a position where we can analyse it more efficiently. If we’re approached with the opportunity for sharing this in a safe and secure way to influence national Social Care policy then I am sure we will.

We have asked this question to many of our competitors who are further along on their digital journey than we are. The feedback is no. There are some cultural challenges whilst implementing digital in the workplace, however it is not intended to replace the human touch but to enhance it.

We would say no more than you’re required to carry around with you now. If anything, the devices should enable you to carry less.

We would say no more than you’re required to carry around with you now. If anything, the devices should enable you to carry less.

Assistive Technology is one of the key phases for Project Shine. There is a lot of work being done right now scoping out the landscape for Assistive Technology. Our priority is to appoint a software provider. Once we have this running, we’ll then be in a position where we can track the outcomes and improvements of any hardware solution.

No, employees requiring access will have a mobile device issued by Making Space.

If you would like to nominate your service for a trial then please do so by contacting us

Yes, these are solutions that we’re looking at right now.

When surveyed 85% of our staff said they were ready for digital transformation. The 15% that were not were either misinformed or could not see the benefit for doing so. It is our intention to trial systems before implementing them and using the clear evidence base to prove that digital solutions will in fact make everybody’s work life better.

E-Mar is one of the digital solutions that we’re looking at right now.

Implementing a digital solution offers the perfect opportunity to review all of the forms we use. If we can make them digital we can. If we can’t make them digital but they’re still required, then we will ensure that the process allows for this.

You will only have access to pre-approved applications via the mobile devices. They do come equipped with cameras and if there is a work requirement for a picture then this will be authorised.

Yes!! Communication is one of the key components of Project Shine. We are working hard to choose a platform that will enable us to communicate better.

Your access will depend on your job role. You will be given the access required to support you to do the best possible job.


Any partner / solution will be chosen on the back of a comprehensive business case. Whilst we’re not in the position that we have chosen a partner at this stage, it is our intention to implement technology where we can achieve economy from our budget.

It is a pre-requisite of any system that it must be interoperable. That means it must allow for other systems to interact with it and it must interact with other systems. The NHS / Local Authorities are not yet in a position where their digital infrastructure is ready for cross party interoperability. We will keep this in mind and only work with partners who are like minded and have the vision to support us.

Yes, the roll out of any new technology will include a WiFi survey. Upgrades will be issued where they’re required.

We will trial any potential new system to ensure it is right for us.

Social Care data is classified as Special Category Data by the Information Commissioner’s Office. That means that for the purposes of Health & Social Care or Public Health Making Space do not require consent to make people’s data digital. There are however, strict guidelines on what we can do with that data once it is digital and how we ensure that it is kept safe.

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