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What are you going to achieve this year?

You may want to learn something new, face your fears or finally take on that challenge that you’ve always thought about but not got round to yet.

Achieving one of these goals will give you confidence, a sense of accomplishment and most likely a great anecdote to tell at parties.

However, if you do one of these things and raise money for charity at the same time then you will be helping others too, which would make your achievement even greater.

So, why not consider taking on one of the challenges below and raise money for Making Space at the same time? The money you raise can go to a local service or a particular cause that is close to your heart.

You will be helping people with dementia, mental health conditions, older people and carers, which is pretty amazing.

All you need to do is:

  • Choose your challenge
  • Gain sponsorship for Making Space
  • Complete the challenge
  • Bask in the glow of your wonderful fundraising efforts

It's really that simple!

What challenge could you take on?

Twenty Twenty FOUR…

It’s now 2024 and numerologists believe that the number 4 is associated with being creative, adventurous, and enthusiastic about life. Therefore, why not let the year 2024 be the year that you take on a challenge for charity. You could demonstrate your creativity with a fancy baking challenge, or show off your sense of adventure with an overnight hike or you could display your zest for life with a karaoke challenge.

The choice is yours.

Here are some Twenty Twenty FOUR challenge ideas you could take on this year-

Twenty Twenty FOUR seasons

Take on a different challenge in each of the four seasons. You could take on a hike in May, face your fears in July, take part in a dance-athon in October and sell festive treats in December. The choice is yours. You can do any challenge you wish in each of the four seasons.

Twenty Twenty FOUR points of the compass

Take on four challenges that represent the four points of the compass. Climb a mountain to head NORTH, dress as a cowboy at work for the day to feel like you’re in a real WESTern, take on a Far EAST themed eating challenge and travel to the SOUTH of your home to do a cycle, run or swim.

Twenty Twenty FOUR elements

Take on four challenges that represent in some way the four elements. You could do a run on earth, a skydive through the air, a swim through water and take on a fire walk (only used a trained and qualified instructor to help you with this one).

Twenty Twenty Fantastic FOUR

Team up with your family and friends and create your fundraising fantastic four. Taking on challenges together can be so much fun and bring you all closer together.

You can fundraise however, you wish, it doesn’t even have to be associated with the number four.

Making Space offer you the chance to skydive free

Raise a minimum of £325 in sponsorship and Making Space will cover the cost of your skydive. Skydiving is a great way to test yourself, get an adrenaline rush and raise loads of money for Making Space. New Booking - Skyline Events (skylineparachuting.co.uk)

Join an organised expedition

The Lake District? Iceland? China? Charity Challenge have an expedition for everyone. Take a look and see what inspires you. https://www.charitychallenge.c...

Break a record

There are all sorts of quirky and fun ways to break a Guinness World Record. Who holds the record for building the tallest tower of Lego? I don't know but maybe it could be you? Get your thinking cap on and you could be a Guinness World Record holder and raise loads of money for Making Space too.

We want to hear all about your amazing fundraising.

Please contact the Fundraising Team with any questions you have and let us know your ideas too by emailing fundraising@makingspace.co.uk.

To start fundraising, simply set up your page here https://fundraising.makingspac...

You can make a difference and achieve something special in 2024. Go for it.

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