Getting started

There are so many ways in which you can spread the word of your incredible fundraising activities, collect those all-important donations and encourage others to get involved.

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This is the exciting part – you have begun your fundraising journey and are now part of the Making Space community.

If you’re stuck for ideas or unsure how you want to raise money, why not choose something you feel passionately about? That way you can really enjoy the experience.

The more people you can get involved, the more fun you can have and the more chance you have of reaching your fundraising target. Whether it’s your friends, family, colleagues or even the postman, get everyone involved! Below are some of our top tips to help you maximise your donations.

Set up an online fundraising page

Often, the simplest way to ask friends, family or colleagues to sponsor you is to set up an online sponsorship page. Go to our Fundraising Platform and set up your page. It makes it quick and easy for people to donate to you and read your story. Here you can share why you’re passionate about Making Space, set a target for how much you want to raise and how their donation can make a difference to the lives of the people we support. Once your page is set up, email the link to your friends, family and colleagues and share across social media to make sure you get the word out there.

Plan your activity well in advance

Planning is essential to successful fundraising. The sooner you plan your fundraising activity, the sooner people can start donating. This will keep the pressure off and help you avoid calendar clashes! Check out the important safety and legal information you’ll need to consider for the big day.

Share your story

Make sure you let everyone know what you have planned. You can use social media to share pictures, stories and a countdown to the main event. Tweet us, post on Facebook, share a photo on Instagram, whatever platform you use, we will be sure to support you and cheer you on every step of the way. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #WeAreMakingSpace so that everyone can follow your progress on social media!

Seek support from your local community

Contact local businesses, pubs, restaurants or shops to see if they can donate something to help keep your fundraising costs down. They could provide food, raffle prizes or simply put up your poster.

Paying your money in

After all your hard work it’s time to put your feet up but not before you’ve sent in your well earned money.

Simply go to our donation page on our website and follow the instructions.

To send money raised in the post, please fill out our donation form and attach your cheque (made out to Making Space) – this way we can thank you for your kind donation and receive Gift Aid.

Please send all post to:
Making Space, Lyne House,
46 Allen St, Warrington WA2 7JB

Please do not send cash in the post. However, if you have some notes or pennies to send in, let us know and we’ll help you get it to us.

This is really easy, please give us a call on 01925 581773 for our bank details.

Gift Aid is great! We get 25p in addition to every £1 you donate, with no expense to you. It is important to let everyone know that if they are a UK tax payer and they aren’t paying you for a service, their donation may be eligible for Gift Aid.

All they need to do is fill out a Gift Aid form – you can download them from our website. Once you send in your donations, attach the Gift Aid form and we can claim the tax back.

If you donate through an online giving page. Gift Aid is processed automatically. It’s a super simple step to maximise the most from your donation.

If you found this page useful, please share and help others find it

Order a fundraising pack

Fill in the form and we will send you a fundraising pack to help get you started on your fundraising journey!

We treat your personal information with care and respect. It’s our policy.

Contact the fundraising team

If you have any questions about fundraising for Making Space please fill in the form below. There are many different ways in which we can help and support you.

We treat your personal information with care and respect. It’s our policy.

Fundraising ideas

Fundraising ideas

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How your money helps

How your money helps

Donations help us to add value to our services - something a little extra.

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Where your money goes

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