International Men's Day

November 2020

Thursday 19 November was International Men's Day, which celebrates the positive value men bring to the world, their families and their communities. It's a day that highlights positive role models and raises awareness of men's wellbeing.

International Mens Day 2

It's no secret that men make up a small percentage of the people working within the health and social care sector, something that is echoed within Making Space. So this year we wanted to hear from our male employees, so we could share their unique stories and the great work they do here at Making Space.

We spoke to 8 employees about their careers, what they love about their job and their experiences of being a male working in social care.

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Steven Smith - Support Time and Recovery Worker

"The people we support say they see me as someone on their wave-length, rather than an authority figure, because I am open about my own mental health issues with them. I just want to help others with mental health issues lead a better quality of life".

William Berry - Team Leader

"It's a fabulous career and no work day is ever the same. You will need good communication skills, patience and have a kind-hearted nature to succeed. More male representation is crucial within the sector".

John Astley - Senior Support Worker

"We supported a military veteran for about 6 months a few years ago. He progressed to live independently and cope with his PTSD. Seeing him move into his flat with a network of support to fall back on was inspiring for all of the team".

Phil Orton - Executive Director of HR

"If you want to have a meaningful job which is totally rewarding, a career in social care could well be for you. I've been a care/nursing assistant, a registered manager, a trainer, an HR manager, a head of department and now an executive director".

Kyle Godkin - Senior Support Worker

"My Auntie told me to just apply for the job because she thought I'd be pleasantly surprised. I applied, got the job and it blew my mind so much, I loved it. I stayed there for 5 years before moving on".

Mark Thornton - Volunteer and Co-Production Co-ordinator

"I'd encourage any male to seriously consider a job in health and social care. It may not be the first sector a number of men consider, but it deserves to not be overlooked. It is massively rewarding and offers so many positive ingredients to improve your health and wellbeing".

Richard Myers - Dementia Advisor

"I love hearing people's stories and finding out what makes them smile. Being able to help people cope with difficult situations and seeing a tangible difference is a huge reward".

David Brotherton - Community Support Worker

"I am hopeful that more men will become interested in social care. Society is changing, albeit slowly, and more and more stigma barriers are being broken down".

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