Colette's skydive story

One of our team took a 15,00ft plunge from Black Knights' Parachute Centre in Cockerham, Lancashire AND she had only recently returned from maternity leave!

Colette is residential home manager at Kingshill Rehabilitation and Outreach Service in Wigan. The service provides high quality residential accommodation and 24-hour personal care and support for 15 people with severe enduring mental illness.

Colette skydive 2
“I have never done a skydive before and I am petrified of heights, rides and anything that goes fast but I chose to do a skydive to encourage the people we support to believe that anything is possible.”

As Kingshill is a recovery and rehabilitation service, they are keen to promote independent living and need to ensure that all the people they support have full access to a safe kitchen.

The money raised from Colette’s skydive went towards a new kitchen with in-built assistive technology such as an induction cooker, combination kettles with tippers, a Smart Microwave and toaster. This technology ensures everyone at Kingshill’s safety in the kitchen while giving them independence and confidence.

Colette raised over £1000!

Colette skydive

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