Friendly Neighbourhood Spiderman Ryan

Ryan became the new friendly neighbourhood Spiderman of Northwich and helped so many people during difficult times.

Ryan spiderman2

During his lockdown walks, 15 year old, Ryan dressed as Spiderman to cheer up local children and adults alike.

Ryan, who has a learning disability, became well known for his walks as ‘Spidey’ and he even started to get invites to visit local children on birthdays or just for a cheery wave. Ryan and his family thought it would be a good idea to raise funds for charity and chose, Making Space. Ryan asked for a donation for each appearance he made as Peter Parker’s alter ego.

"We chose Making Space because Ryan himself has learning disabilities and there are so many carers out there who need support. It's not all about the charity though; it's about making kids happy and seeing their faces and the joy Ryan is getting from it himself. Last night he was just beaming from ear to ear, he was so happy.”

Ryan raised nearly £2,200 for Making Space and made so many people happy along the way. Fundraising not only raises vital funds for Making Space but can also give joy and confidence to the individual’s doing the fundraising and to others too.

If you would like to take on a challenge for Making Space then email to let us know your plans or discuss ideas.

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