Making Space to pay all employees voluntary ‘real living wage’, with increase of £1,700 for full-time care workers

February 2022 · 4 min read

We are pleased to announce that from April 2022, we will pay all employees a minimum of £9.90 per hour – the voluntary ‘real living wage’ recommended by the Living Wage Foundation. The increase will see full-time support workers earn an additional £1,700 each year.

We are also paying the new UK statutory national living wage from January, three months ahead of schedule - giving many of our employee’s two pay rises within three months.

Making Space is investing just under half a million pounds to bring in the pay increases, which will benefit all frontline care and support workers. The investment is in line with our commitment to attract, develop and support exceptional people to deliver passionate and skilled care.

“Our long-standing aspiration has been to pay our colleagues at a rate that makes them feel rewarded for the work that they do,” says Phil Orton, the charity’s executive director of HR.

“Despite working through the most challenging times over the last two years, they continue to provide outstanding care and support to some of the most vulnerable people in society. They deserve to be paid at a level that takes account of the real cost of living which is why we want to pay a real living wage.”

Employees on pay points already equal to or exceeding £9.90 per hour will also see their annual income increase, with 85% of all Making Space workers receiving a rise of between 3.9% and 9.2% by April 2022. The current minimum hourly rate for adults ranges from £6.56 to £8.91, depending on age.

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“These are professional, skilled people and need to be rewarded as so,” says Orton. “Our sector faces unprecedented change and significant challenges. At a strategic level, it’s vital for Making Space to address low pay levels, recruitment challenges and high turnover.

“But while we will continue to do everything we can to attract and train the best people to deliver outstanding care and support, we also need the Government to do a lot more.

“We need reforms in the health and social care sector to bring people more in line with their NHS colleagues, who receive higher pay and better benefits. Short term solutions, whilst welcomed, do not address low pay and skills shortages.”

Rachel Peacock, CEO, Making Space, said: “The efforts of everyone at Making Space continue to be nothing short of incredible, particularly for those teams on the front line where the experience of the pandemic has been relentless.

“We absolutely value the hard work, commitment and sacrifice of the amazing people who provide the best quality care and support to the people that use our services.

“Bringing forward the pay increase helps us to reward those incredible efforts and show the value that we place upon our frontline roles.”

Making Space employs over 1,000 people nationally. The charity’s residential and community services include residential homes and independent hospitals, supported living and social inclusion, employment and wellbeing support, and psychological therapies.

To find out about vacancies with Making Space, employee benefits and what it’s like to work at our charity, visit our ‘work for us’ page.

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