Keri Smith

Keri Smith

Associate Director of Development and Projects

Keri is our Associate Director of Development and Projects and is responsible for business development, marketing and fundraising, as well as the project management office.

In her role, her overarching priority is to ensure that we provide the best possible support to our beneficiaries and stakeholders, including maximizing our income and ensuring that we create social value in everything we do. She ensures that as a charity, we remain agile, open to new ideas, and challenge ourselves to be better than we were yesterday.

Keri has extensive knowledge of working in the third sector having worked in the sector for over 23 years. During that time she worked her way from support worker to senior management over that time. Seeking a new challenge, Keri joined Making Space as a bid writer in 2016, before being promoted to an Associate Director.

“When I came for the interview at Making Space, it just felt like home to me and I wanted to work for a charity that supported a variety of beneficiaries. Making Space is a diverse charity and I think it is that diversity that makes it unique. Our values and behaviours drive the charity forward and I work alongside people every day who share a vision for the future of health and social care.”

Keri has spent a significant period of time working for The Big Life group, an organisation made up of social enterprises and charities, including the Big Issue in the North. She has experience of working in the private healthcare sector, children’s residential and educational settings, and CQC services.

Keri has a law degree, a master's in law, and most recently achieved an MBA with Merit from LJMU and a CMI Level 7 qualification.

Until recently, Keri was a Trustee for a small children’s charity and is actively seeking the right opportunity to take on another Trustee role.

In her spare time Keri likes to go to the gym, read, and spend time with her family. She enjoys binge watching her favourite shows and often takes up upcycling projects (but admits that they inevitably end up in a skip).

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