Cath Magee

Cath Magee

Regional Head of Operations

Cath Magee is the Regional Head of Operations and responsible for all community services.

Cath started her career 37 years ago as a residential care worker in a children’s home. She went on to take up other residential support worker roles in London probation hostels and a secure unit, before taking up her first Project Manager post in 1990. She went on to develop home support services and a young people leaving care service, before taking up the role of Director of Offender Management with a national Christian organisation, where she held this post for 17 years.

Cath joined Making Space in 2016 as an Area Manager for our services in Yorkshire and the North East. Since then she has taken on various roles that have involved developing new services across South and West Yorkshire, before being promoted to Regional Head of Operations in 2022.

Cath has a BA degree in Sociology and Administration, an Advanced Certificate in Social Work with Young Offenders and an array of other health and social care related qualifications and experience.

When asked what she thinks is unique about Making Space Cath says, “People are listened to and when that happens….change happens. There are so many examples of good ideas from staff and the people we support, making a real difference to the services we offer. Our values drive what we do and we have a can-do culture. I also love celebrating our people and our services and enjoy nominating our exceptional people”

Cath has developed extensive experience of developing carer services, fundraising and has a special interest in Dementia support. She is keen to ensure that all of our community services are embedded within their communities, meeting the needs of those who need them most. She is also passionate about our volunteers and the contribution they make to Making Space.

In her spare time Cath enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She has two dogs who ensure she walks more than she likes to. She loves live music and cooking.


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